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Taste our mouth-watering Indian delicacies bursting with flavours and aromas. We bet they will make you come back to us again and again. Also, the energetic crew at Kessariya will make you feel at home and answer all your questions with welcoming smiles.
Kessariya is the passionate dream project of Capt. Sanjay Sharma’s love for Indian street food and his enthusiasm as a restaurateur. He aspires to bring those street flavors to life in the setting of a restaurant, as well as deliver it directly to your home, safely and hygienically.
From spicy samosas to tasty tandoori-chicken, from delectable Dal-makhani to appetizing paneer-tikka. We have everything from snacks to full-course meals. Choose from Kessariya’s extensive menu full of delicious, mouth watering, and aesthetically pleasing Indian cuisines.

Kessariya Kitchen
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