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5 Things About Indian Kitchen We Bet You Did Not Know.

People love Indian food, some for its spices, some for its aroma and some for its satisfying content. It lingers for hours in the consciousness and sometimes on the hands in the shape of the Turmeric stains, which won’t leave even after repeated hand washing. But there are things about Indian food and the Indian kitchen that most people don’t know. They are so specific to Indian Kitchen that most people won’t even know these rituals and peculiarities exist. Coming from India- known ...


Spices define Indian cuisines. The vast array of Indian spices used in cooking makes Indian cooking very intimidating and complex for an outsider. And it is not just the number of spices, but their mixes, percentages and ratios used to cook something. Most spices can be used as a whole, ground, roasted, raw, semi-roasted and ground, raw and ground, whole and roasted and so on and so forth, where every combination leads to a completely different outcome. That is why knowing the recipe and ...


Basmati, a long aromatic variety of rice traditionally grown in the Indian Subcontinent, is the essence of any Biryani. It has a different flavour, aroma and size than the regular brown/white rice traditionally used in Asian kitchens, so much so that if you cook a good quality Basmati rice, it aromatizes the whole house. The word Basmati comes from Sanskrit words, namely vas (aroma) and mati (ingrained). Oxford supplies its meaning as “fragrant” or “full of aroma.” The earliest ...

The South Indian Delicacy: Dosa and Sambhar.

No other food has seen such a level of customization as this South India dish. Sambhar-dosa is a truly cosmopolitan dish now; considered an authentic south Indian dish originating from Karanataka, it has a multi-cultural love story. The origin of Dosa can be traced back to a millennium from its mention in the Sangam Literature of Ancient Tamil Culture, where it was preferred as a soft and thick crepe served with a side curry (not sambhar). It has more than 100 different varieties ranging ...
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